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We provide customized, cost-effective security solutions to help you create and sustain a secure environment to grow your business. We want to make sure you have the guidance and tools necessary to make security a top priority.

Our guard force is made up of the highest quality professionals. Many of our personnel have several years of experience as Police Officers, Security Officers, and/or Ex-Military. That allows us the opportunity to offer you the best-trained personnel available. We at Asset Global Protection strive to exceed the highest standards in the security industry. All of our personnel must pass an extensive interview and background process.

Our non-commission officers receive Level I and Level II training.

Our commissioned officers receive Level I, II and III training exceeding state standards, and each receiving continuing education every two years.

All of our officers receive additional hours of training as requirements and commitments change. Level IV (Bodyguard), receive all the above training plus additional required standards.

Our Mission:
To enable our clients to succeed in uncertain times by providing ethical, value based solutions that will provide safety and security for your personnel and projects.

Client Reference List
AFC Worldwide Express
American Beauty Supply
Los Barrios Clinic
Hexion Specialty Chemical
Positive Protection, Inc.
Ridgemont Commercial Construction Company Inc.
Security Resources Inc.
Sheraton Arlington Hotel
Red Giant Oil
Haydn Cutler Company
Piper Commercial Real Estate, LLC
Buckner Commercial Construction Company
(And many more)

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Asset Global Protection will provide solutions that allow you to earn the profits you deserve and provide safety and security for our projects and personal.