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Our Operations

Minimizing risk in today's society is essential. The safety and security of you, your family, employees, property, facility and information directly impact your daily operations. It is essential to choose a protection partner to support or augment your security needs. One equipped to anticipate and prepare for all potential threats.

Our operational reputation is outstanding; AGP has successfully safeguarded more than 360 million dollars of precious jewels.

Supply chain security. From logistical planning to security operation we have secured more than 700 million dollars worth of cargo for our clients.

Asset Global Protection maintains the highest performance standards in each service we offer:

  • Commissioned security guards (Armed)
  • Non commissioned security guards (Unarmed)
  • PPO (Bodyguard)

Long term, short term, and emergency contracts are available. These services are available for:

  • Commercial/Corporate
    • Disgruntled Employees
    • Employment Strikes
    • Malls/Shopping Centers
    • Medical Centers/Clinics
    • Office Buildings
    • Parking Lot Security
  • Field Sites
    • Oil/Gas Drilling
    • Pipelines
    • Seismic Lines
  • Special Events
    • Auctions
    • Concerts: Musical, Dances, Entertainment Complexes, Theatrical Performances
    • Residential
      • Apartment Complexes
      • Private Homes
      • Ranches, Estates
  • High Value Cargo Escorts
    • Escort transports from warehouse to designated locations
  • Government Facilities & Schools
  • Personal Protection Officers (PPO)

    • Individuals with threats against their person
    • Jewelry Couriers
    • Hospice Nurses
    • Entertainers
    • Politicians
    • Executives
  • Private Investigations
    • Skip Tracer
    • Fugitive Recovery
    • Missing Persons
    • Domestic Problems/Issues
    • Background Checks

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